Bringing Known Insights To Life

Let the consumer communicate the findings

Because insights need to be sold, not just be found Data is flat. It rarely inspires and is often dull. It has to convince. It has to persuade. It has to change minds.

Change minds with real people and the authenticity of actual occasions

Bring your insights to life in less than a week

Humanize your Quant data

Power-up retailer engagement and sell-ins.

Energise and enthuse internal audiences.

Energise and spark ideation and shape brand planning

Deliverables (Typically)

  • 10-12 people each making 1 film
  • Full human transcriptions
  • Storyboard creation: choose your clips or let us choose for you
  • Professional editing, logo/text insertion/s and soundtracks


5-7 days.

"Watch Me Think has been really critical in bringing consumers to life in our business as part of our wider consumer closeness programme [...] The impact has been huge, particularly to our business planning process."

Vanda Noakes Head of Global Strategic Insights


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