Integrating Consumer Closeness Programs

From a slogan to company culture

Because the empathy gap is growing Consumer Closeness has to be more than a ticked box. It has to connect. It has to resonate. It has to be real.

Well planned and sustained

Regular and consistent touch points to the customer throughout your organisation

Internationally, regional, per country, cross and per category

1 to 12 month programs

Macro-trend spotlights

Investigation and analyses of your own hot-topics.

Deliverables (Typically)

  • Weekly email featuring 1 consumer shared with the whole company under the banner don’t forget your consumer
  • Customised, dedicated web portal for the programme
  • Months 2, 5, 8, 11: major macro-trend presentations via webinar or on onsite
  • Months 1, 4, 7, 10: highlight reels on a hot topic chosen by you


setup < 1 week

"The workshop [where each participant reviewed a set of consumer videos] landed very, very well with everybody in the room [...] And because they’d all been so involved [...] they actually felt an emotional attachment to these target audiences. Which was music to my ears as a business partner.”

Katie Scott CMI Business Partner


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