Consumer Closeness Toolbox

A 12-month stream of consumer video insights, trend-unpacking, free-rein feedback options and dedicated support from Watch Me Think.

Getting closer to the consumer - the holy grail every company strives for. That’s why we developed the Consumer Closeness Toolbox, combining 5 of Watch Me Think’s core products, services and insights. With flexible subscription options, walking in your customer’s shoes has never been so cost-effective.

What’s in the Toolbox?

We pack the creme de la creme of our products, services, trends insights into the Consumer Closeness Toolbox. Delivered in easy-to-digest formats and bite-size chunks the toolbox is designed for sharing to ensure customer insights never get bottlenecked.

Discovery Series

Dive into a series of 4 mega trends shared throughout the year - chosen by you - and understand trends through the eyes of the consumer.  Each series is made up of 6 hours of raw footage, transcripts, highlight reels, exec summary, webinar, optional on-site presentation and more.

Quarterly Content Shot

Each quarter receive a light and easy-to-digest video and text based content shot - perfect for sharing across the business. In your shot will be excerpts from The Discovery Series, Consumer Thinks, Adhoc Projects, links to newsletters, decks and ‘popcorn sessions’. These regular injections will ensure a steady circulation of consumer insight around your business.

Monthly Consumer Thinks

Have some burning questions, unique to your business? Or do you need to react to a market change or new insight with speed? Each month you can ask one of our “thinkers” to produce a 3-minute video on any topic or set of questions you like. Ideal when you need to bring to life, affirm or investigate a key insight.

Support from our Qual team

There are times when that extra bit of support is essential to driving customer insights through your business. Pull in our Qual Team - on-site or via remotely from our Hampshire offices - to help maximise the value of your Toolbox footage. From creating playlists around key themes, bringing themes or drivers to life, to running workshops around Discovery Titles and much more... just imagine what you could achieve!

Search, Edit, Share Platform

We know how important it is to organise and store insights. That’s why the toolbox includes business-wide access to our platform. Here your Insights, Category Management and CTI teams can store, search on, and edit all their video content. Clips can fully transcribed, indexed and analysed for sentiment and meaning, then easily shared across the business. No more video chaos, no more storage issues - and relax.

Who’s the Toolbox for?

The Consumer Closeness Toolbox is designed to help anyone working within Food, Drink, Beauty and Personal Care companies who wants to observe, understand and get closer to their consumers. Toolbox insights are used across global businesses by Insights Teams, Category Management, CTI teams, and more.

Currently the toolbox supports UK, US and Australia based FMCG/CPG companies.

What can my business do with the Toolbox?

In a nutshell, the toolbox will help bring the consumer closer to everyone across the business.

  • Maximise ROI on research spend by bringing your whole company closer to your consumers.
  • Discover new insights and opportunities to shape consumer-led hypotheses for workshops.
  • Circulate easy-to-digest content “shots” to prevent insights from getting bottlenecked.
  • Disseminate highlight reels and key learnings from the Discovery Series, Industry Hot Topics and more.
  • Use Consumer Thinks to respond to market changes or new insights with speed and agility.
  • Have our Qual Team bring insights to life and help apply them to your business through workshops, storyboards, playlists and more.
  • Store, edit and search on, and share all video content on the platform.

Discovery Series Titles 2018

1. The Changing Face of Britain

Understanding more about Britain’s broad and diverse consumers.

2. Low Income Families

Shadowing the families who have to count the pennies as well as the pounds.

3. Single Person Households

Discovering the purchasing decisions and rationale of the single person household.

4. Reduced Meat Diets

Uncovering changing dietary choices and the shift towards a reduced meat diet.

Some of the Global Brands using the Toolbox

" The Watch Me Think Toolbox is the resource that keeps on giving – the syndicated studies and access to an ever expanding library of videos help us to understand, as well as explain, what is happening in our industry. "

Daniel Wright
Insights Manager, Kerry Foods

Cost-effective subscription options

From single Discovery Titles at £6,000, and bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages ranging from £7,500 to £20,000, toolbox subscriptions are flexible and affordable.

Entry Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
£6,000 £7,500 £11,000 £15,000 £20,000
Discovery titles of your choice delivered by webinar 1 2 4 4 4
Quarterly content shot Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated support from our qual team 1 day 4 days 4 days 4 days
Consumer thinks x12 x12
All 2016 & 2017 Discovery titles Yes

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