Grounding Qualitative Behavioural Research

Getting you closer to the truth

Because there is an over-reliance on data. We have to get better at understanding actual consumer behaviour. Not just claimed behaviour.

Bringing you into people's homes and lives

Witness natural behaviours and avoid the pitfalls of claimed behaviour

Authenticity brings you greater empathy and understanding of the customer journey.

Bottom line? Better ROIs

Use it for

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Concept Testing
  • Prototype & packaging tests
  • Pre and post Launch Reviews
  • Understanding and improving the customer journey

Deliverables (Typically)

  • 18-25 people each making 3 films
  • Full human transcriptions
  • 40-50 slide full-analysis report on observations, behaviours and insights - each illustrated with accompanying clips
  • Onsite debrief from one of our qual researchers with clear recommendations


3-6 weeks - according to the amount of footage

"The structured presentation of the outcomes with the well-built highlight reels provided us very good and clear insights. I really appreciate the ability of turning hours of footage into a few highlight reels that give you an ‘aha’ moment! Seeing and listening to the consumer reacting spontaneously in their home environment have revealed behaviours and insights that would not have been captured as clearly & simply if we would just have asked them."

Aurelie Deschamps R&D Consumer Science Specialist


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