Ad-Hoc Projects

Need something special? Something fast?

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  • We offer an end-to-end push-button, on-a-plate service
  • Give us the brief, and within 7-14 days the results are delivered
  • Curated, visually and verbally transcribed by humans, translated, and analysed
  • All open and accessible with our advanced video insights engine
  • Get an expert qual report in less than 14 days
  • Have us present it for you

Syndicated Subscriptions

Under pressure to discover insights from ever decreasing research budgets?

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The Discovery Series

Echo Chamber Disruption

You love your teams. Of course you do. They are focused, driven and engaged in making the brands in their category top dawg.

But the nudges and impacts in category developments often come from external murmurings. Things happening outside the spaces in which teams have to perform and deliver.

This is why Watch Me Think has developed the Discovery Series: a broad, echo-chamber busting, cross-context set of reports designed to have resonance across teams and disciplines.

Flexible purchase options

The Discovery Series can be bought in packs ranging from 1 to 4 (or more) titles, including webinars, with discounts for subscriptions. You can choose from a list of past or forthcoming titles and, where appropriate, their geographic provenance.

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Longitudinal Studies

In this instant world where insights are needed yesterday, we want to take a ‘stop! look! listen!’ approach through longer-term research programmes.

For example, we’re conducting studies into:

  • A 6-month understanding of the UK sugar levy through the eyes of the consumer
  • Following families for a year to deepen understanding of how they really shop
  • An 18-month study on oral care routines at home
  • A 2-year journey of discovery following a new baby

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