Ad-Hoc Projects

Need something special? Something fast?

Illustration of a laptop showing a project interface
  • We offer an end-to-end push-button, on-a-plate service
  • Give us the brief, and within 7-14 days the results are delivered
  • Curated, visually and verbally transcribed by humans, translated, and analysed
  • All open and accessible with our advanced video insights engine
  • Get an expert qual report in less than 14 days
  • Have us present it for you

Syndicated Subscriptions

Under pressure to discover insights from ever decreasing research budgets?

Consumer Closeness Toolbox Graphic

The Toolbox

A 12-month stream of consumer video insights, trend-unpacking, free-rein feedback options and dedicated support including:

  • Quarterly Discovery studies
  • Crafted ‘content shots’ help you to disseminate the findings
  • Credits to ask questions and delve deeper into any topic
  • On-site support from our qual teams to help apply insights
Longitudinal Studies Graphic

Longitudinal Studies

In this instant world where insights are needed yesterday, we want to take a ‘stop! look! listen!’ approach through longer-term research programmes.

For example, we’re conducting studies into:

  • A 6-month understanding of the UK sugar levy through the eyes of the consumer
  • Following families for a year to deepen understanding of how they really shop
  • An 18-month study on oral care routines at home
  • A 2-year journey of discovery following a new baby

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