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Earn money by recording your thoughts on video

The world’s biggest brands want to see and hear what you do and say, on video. In return, we pay you for those thoughts.

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How does it work?

Ding, ding! New brief alert

We’ll email you about new briefs and, to see whether you match who our client wants to hear from, will ask you about your habits and attitudes.

You’re the chosen one(s)

If you match the brief criteria we’ll let you know that you’ve been selected, remind you of details, and ask you whether you’re still interested.

Roll the camera

Once you’ve confirmed you’re still up for the brief, we’ll send you the instructions. You can then get to work recording and uploading your videos.

Show me the money

We pay you via PayPal within 14 working days of the brief deadline, so long as you’ve followed the brief correctly and uploaded on time.

Answering briefs

It’s simple and easy

Briefs are invitations to record real-life situations, use and compare products, put to test packaging ideas, show us how you shop or even how you prepare meals.

The number of videos we’ll ask you to make for a brief can range from anywhere between 1 – 6 videos, or more. The more videos needed, the more you’re paid. Naturally.

We’ll ask you to record these videos at the time, in the place and with the people you’d normally be doing those things with.

Each brief has a Thinker Manager who’ll help you throughout the brief process. They’ll send you an Activity Guide to follow for each video and a checklist for how to film. The checklist has simple tips to help your video look tip-top, such as putting your camera on a steady surface (goodbye motion sickness) and making sure there isn’t a bright light source behind you.

All you need is…

A Smartphone

Use our Android and iOS apps to take and upload your videos.

A PayPal account

It’s easy to get one if you don’t have one already. It’s safe and secure.

Safe & secure

The money we pay you is sent to your PayPal account, so you are totally safe and secure.

Private & protected

All your videos are securely stored. They can only be seen by us and our clients.

The brands who want to listen to you…

ColgateLegoDiageoSkyGeneral MillsUnileverReckittMolson CoorsNestleMarskraftheinzJohnson & JohnsonCoca ColaBritvic

“After the initial nerves of speaking in front of camera and working out the downloading process I have had nothing but fun making the videos. My children like helping me and it really makes you look at how you live your life. It is a great way to earn extra money in your own time from home and the payment structure is easy and quick.”

Keely Allen,
Thinker and mother of two