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The world’s biggest brands want to see and hear what you have to say on video.

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In return, we pay you for those thoughts.

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The money we pay you is sent to your PayPal account, so you are totally safe and secure.

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All your videos are securely hidden. They can only be seen by us and our clients.

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Answer briefs

Briefs are invitations to use & compare products, record real-life situations, review packaging ideas, show us how you shop, etc.

Follow the brief correctly and we pay you anything between $30/£20 to $200/£150 or more.

Record your world

In addition, we often have open Briefs where we collect your thoughts on anything from samples you receive in the post, to new products you've discovered, or why you like or don't like certain packaging - how it inspires, or annoys, or you think could be improved.

These aren't paid, but demonstrating your skills at reviewing, and making videos, puts you at the front of our thoughts when selecting people to take part in the paid briefs.

Pest Control $ 30
Baby Wipes $ 200
Shopping for Cheese $ 75
It is great that you can reseal this packet.
If this were smaller, it would be perfect!

All you need is

A Smartphone

Use our apps to take and upload your videos

A PayPal account

Easy to get one if you don’t have one already

After the initial nerves of speaking in front of camera and working out the downloading process I have had nothing but fun making the videos. My children like helping me and it really makes you look at how you live your life. It is a great way to earn extra money in your own time in your own home and the payment structure is easy and quick.

Photo of Keely Allan

Keely Allan Mother of two, short on time & run off her feet

You deserve to be paid for the genius insights that help companies become better!

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