Equality, Diversity and Labour Standards


Watch Me Think is a small yet global video based qualitative market research company. We employ < 30 staff and generate revenues of < AUD$10m annually.

We provide services internationally via the following trading entities:

  • UK/Europe – Watch Me Think (UK) Limited
  • Americas – Watchmethink, Inc.
  • Asia Pacific – Watchmethink Pty. Ltd.


We recognise the role we play in the supply chains of our customers. The purpose of this document is to demonstrate our commitment, where relevant, to ensuring all applicable labour standards, and any equality and diversity values, are upheld.

Equality and Diversity

We are committed to valuing diversity in the workplace.

WMT Employee Handbook

We provide all employees with a copy of the WMT Employee Handbook which includes a comprehensive guide on employment within the company.

Critically, it includes information on diversity, standards of performance and behaviour, how to lodge grievances, assess harassment and what to do in the event of harassment.

We take employee wellbeing very seriously. We foster a culture of open communication, healthy (minimal) hierarchies, and the mindset that work is not the most important thing in their lives.

We have instigated mental health first aid training, offer paid-for support services, a profit-sharing scheme for all staff, (very) flexible working hours and unlimited holidays (with a required minimum).


We do not discriminate in our treatment of employees. Staff are employed based on experience and merit and diversity of thought.

We employ multiple nationalities, across varying demographics, with ages from (2021) 22 to 55.

The company currently (2021) has a majority of female employees (2/3rds). The Heads of all 3 WMT regional offices (EMEA, Asia/Australasia, Americas) are female, as is our CFO.

Gender Pay Gap

Although not required to report, we periodically perform a review of our gender pay gap based on UK guidance.

The last analysis (2020) showed a median gap of 4.21%.

If the 3 (male) founders are removed, the median gap is 0.77% in favour of females.

Labour Standards

Ethical Trade

As a provider of market research services, we do not manufacture or trade in physical goods.

Additionally, our market research data is collected in digital form, the environmental impact of the company is low - though we are aware of the carbon footprint of server-farms.

We are committed to treating our customers and suppliers fairly. We’d be out of business if we didn’t.

We also pay our suppliers within 2 weeks, usually within a few days. Not 2 or 3 months.

Modern Slavery

We may sometimes engage individuals or third-party companies in the collection or organisation of market research data.

All suppliers are engaged directly by us.

Third party workforces are generally made up of a single individual or a very small workforce, who are often known contacts within the industry, with professional expertise, and therefore have an extremely low risk of falling under any definition of modern slavery.

We deem the risk of poor labour practices within our supply chain as being very low, giving consideration to:

  • The nature of the services provided;
  • The complexity of the technology employed; and
  • The fair rewards provided to suppliers for their services.

As a small company, We currently do not fall within the relevant compliance frameworks in the jurisdictions in which it operates, for the purposes of formal reporting on modern slavery. But that will not stop us applying the principles wherever we can.

Health and Safety

We are committed to the physical and mental well-being of our most valuable assets, our employees, and have documented health and safety procedures.

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