Just who the devil are we?

We help our clients make better, more consumer-centric decisions so that they can sell more products, make their business more money and leave a trail of excellence in their wake. And we have a royal good time in the process.

Washing machine gives rise to watching machine

Back in the late noughties (2000s), John (Hoctor) and I (Alistair Vince) went to FT Innovate in London and saw the then VP of Leadership & Strategic Competency Creation at Whirlpool, Dr Nancy Snyder, speak.

Nancy talked about how she took her entire Board out to people’s homes to watch them fill washing machines. How they noticed people bending down to fill these machines, and when they arose, making little grunting noises of effort. That insight led to Whirlpool developing a washing machine that was on a plinth so people didn’t have to bend down.

John and I were stunned. We’d been selling data for years (at Mintel) and now saw the power of observational research. The authenticity of it.

We knew that there were hundreds of enlightened companies out there wanting to get closer to the consumer, but most brand managers didn’t have the time to get out from behind their desks, let alone get their Boards to go with them.

We made a decision. If we could use these new smartphone technologies to bring consumers to the client, they’d understand customers better and communicate insight more powerfully. And we’d have a company.

Alistair Vince, Co-Founder

Meet the Strategy Brains

Amanda Pizarek

Specialises in Consumer Science, Sensory Science, and design thinking. Walked the walk at PepsiCo.

Bob Lawson

Specialises in NPD, Packaging, Innovation and Shopper. Walked the walk at Campbell Arnott’s.

James Platt

Specialises in academic research, James enjoys surfing and is now making waves with the qual team.

Jenny Hearne

Specialises in Category Management and Shopper. Walked the walk at Unilever, Alberto Culver and IRI.

Ian Hare

Specialises in Trend Identification, Communications and Media. Walked the walk at Mintel and Public.

Karina Taylor

Specialises in Sensory, Product and Packaging Development. Walked the walk at P&G, Mondelez and Dyson.

Justin Hendricks

Specialises in developing video as a research method, with a PhD from the University of Florida.

Marc-Andre Savard

Specialises in NPD, Shopper, Entertainment and Experiences. Walked the walk at Cirque du Soleil.

Nicky Perkins

Specialises in Innovation, Brand Positioning and Shopper. Walked the walk at VisitBritain and Kantar.

Jessica Quinn

Specialises in NPD. Walked the walk consulting for Target and General Mills.

From ‘The Book of Think’

Watch Me Think Culture and Principles

“We are doing this to have fun.”

“We refuse to work with as*&%$es.”

“The successes and failures are a collective effort.”

The Book of Think

“Job titles don’t win debates.”

“We want people to try things. There is no finger pointing if it doesn’t work as hoped.”

Team photos
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What our team have to say…

“Maybe it’s down to the team all genuinely enjoying one another’s company. Or perhaps it’s wearing UGG boots when it’s cold (I know, I know, it’s no longer 2009) and not being judged for it. And it could, just as easily, be due to the office beer subscription. Whatever it is, it means that I don’t dread Monday mornings. And it’s flipping glorious.”

Fran Benoist-Eatwell, Marketing Manager

“It’s great to work for a company that really means it when they say they care about their people immensely. I truly don’t think I could find another that values my contribution, and in turn offers me the flexibility I need as a working mom. A lot of them love to say this but I’ve seen it in action here so many times, and I’m so grateful to work for such a smart, innovative, caring group of people. Even if they have an irrational tendency to shorten everyone’s names.”

“Nobody would work this hard for a company they didn’t truly believe in, so something’s being done right. Either that or it’s not real coffee.”

Jack Galillee, Internal Technical Manager

We help you improve your products and find new growth opportunities. And we do so by distilling in-the-moment behaviours with video ethnography, all around the world.

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