About Us

Why we do what we do

I’ll start with my mum…

My super mum

She’s often asked by huge multinationals how they can make their products and services better.

It’s true.

She’s constantly being pestered with “quick” surveys, feedback forms, telephone interviews.

They want her words, her thoughts; information on her actions and reactions. How she shops, stocks, stores, cooks, cleans…

Is my mum special? No.

Well, special to me. But still, no.

Is she some sort of guru? No.

An IQ over 200? No. But she likes to think she has.

So what does she have?

She has genuine, valuable opinions as an end user of products and services in real life, nose-right-in-the-thick-of-it situations.

As do countless other mums. And my neighbours. And that guy who made me my coffee this morning. And the lovely old lady walking her dog who bid me good day.

They’re all advisors to the smartest companies around the world.

Most of them don’t see it that way. And they’re rarely compensated for their role in helping big name brands get better at what they do.

Now, if all these everyday people providing these insights had MBAs, we’d call them consultants and pay them megabucks. But they haven't, and they won’t.

So we aim to redress that balance, to a degree.

To help my mum, and thousands of other people, capture truths, evidence, insights and reality, on video, and serve it up nicey-nice to the companies who can benefit from their advice.

And in return they get paid - cash basically - for their time and invaluable thoughts.

My mum’s happy.

And the companies get good advice. Get better at what they do. Sell more of what they produce. So they’re happy.

And we at Watch Me Think are happy because we get paid to have some fun doing all this.

Isn’t that what they could call a win-win-win situation?

That’s why we do what we do.

Your Contacts at Team Think

When you sign up, we'll refer to you as a "Thinker". And to help you along we have a team of "Thinker Managers".

These fine folks are there to run projects (briefs) that you can take part in and earn money from.

They're also there to answer your questions and sort out any issues you may have.

We're currently truly lucky to have with us as Thinker Managers:

Cara Cosentino
Cesca Darvell
Lindsey Burke
Martha Dawkins
Mel Grussenmeyer
Melissa Pinkney
Sarah Warren
Si Thomas

Where we are


The Old Stockyard, Farleigh Road
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220 N. Green Street
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79 Broadway Street
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