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Qual with video is what we do

And it’s what we have done for the last 9 years

As we socially distance ourselves, the need to stay connected to consumers and their rapidly changing behaviour is more important than ever. As is the need for alternatives to focus groups, in-home visits and accompanied shops.

Our consumer closeness programmes, which use consumer-made videos as the source, make that possible in 64 markets.

Our qualitative researchers then review those videos and deliver actionable insights and solutions for your business.

Anyone can tell you that behaviours and sentiments have changed. Knowing the ‘so what?’ is where you’ll find the magic.

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How? The 3 Methodologies

Watch & Ask


The respondent will either show themselves doing a task or be in the location relevant to the task and will answer questions you have as they are doing it.



The closest you can get to natural behaviour is to not to ask them anything. To just let them perform the task while being observed. No self or post rationalisation - just watching what they do.

Watch then Ask


Explore the System 1 vs System 2, by asking them to use a product or service, but refrain from talking their way through it. Instead, afterwards we ask them to record themselves watching their own behaviours on film and explain what they were doing and why.

The Difference

Singular focus

Mobile ethnography is all we do


We obsess about quality

We’re particular when it comes to recruiting


We’re collaborative in designing the briefs

We do the work for you - no self-service nonsense

We’re people-powered in our analyses, transcriptions and interactions

“You need people if you’re going to understand people”


Utilising portable and wearable devices

Self-filming - no moderators present

Objective: the least amount of intrusion during the time and place of real use or consumption


We maintain our own panels

No-one used more than 4x per year to avoid professional respondents

For more challenging recruits we may use 3rd party recruiters


Projects conducted in kitchens, offices, cars, aeroplanes, back gardens, bathrooms - even while showering

No geographical limit (so far). 64 countries and counting


Establish Goals

We get to understand your goals and ideal outcomes

Create the Brief

Together, we create the brief


We Execute

Recruit the specified participants

Manage their participation

QC all inputs

Human Transcribe their videos

You get the goods

You are given access to videos via a Video Management Platform

Plus, all the deliverables in your chosen solution: Qualitative Behavioural Research, Consumer Closeness or Bring to Life

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