Market research can be boring,
dull and downright uninspiring.

But it needn't be.

We will ignite the touch-paper under your market research.
Producing self-repeating video memes that get stuck in folk's heads
like an 80's disco tune they can’t stop humming.

Discover. Distill. Excite. Compel.

What’s keeping you up at night?

We make research worth watching. And worth keeping.

What we do for you

Design, recruit, brief, reward, host, visually transcribe,
translate (across 42 countries), semantically analyse and index everything.

So you can find, edit and share anything
in your own private/company library.

What we give you

Highlight reels Qual Reports 1 page executive summaries
All the raw footage All the original transcripts A secure place to store it all

An end-to-end video research service. Dealing in sums not dabbling in parts.

‘The individual films were fascinating and the edited film was a great showcase which really helped us to get the retailers behind the NPD’

‘A "real" view of what consumers think of the product is a million times more impact and influence than a brand manager standing up and just telling an audience. The short, snappy films are a great way of getting a message across when you only have a short amount of time'

‘It's a fantastic way of bringing the story to life.’

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