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Too much consumer research is based on claimed behaviour (what people say), rather than observed behaviour (what people do).

Watch Me Think is a specialist consumer research agency that uses the power of video to capture and analyse observed behaviour, marrying it with claimed behaviour, to bring you closer to the truth behind people’s decision making and patterns of use.

Everybody lies. Every body shows the truth.
I found the machine really easy to install
It took him 25 mins

How to get to the truth

How do you get from observation to insight? How best to identify the enablers and barriers?

Our Methodology

We get more answers by asking fewer questions.

Our subjects are given tasks. Within an occasion. In the place and time of real use. In the company of the friends or family who would normally be there for this task to take place.

They are not asked to explain themselves while doing the task.

We watch what they do. We use screen recording techniques and self-review observations to extract meaning and insight. It’s as close-to-true as it comes.

Screen Record Methodology

Walking in your shoes

Our world-class Research Teams are led by highly-trained and hugely experienced researchers in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Australasia.

All have held senior roles in major companies such as Unilever, PepsiCo, and Mondelez.

They know first-hand the situations you face on a daily basis and, after listening to and understanding your needs, will always tailor their findings to practical, actionable advice.

They work together with Operations Specialists who ensure your briefs and requests are delivered on time and to your specifications.

Self Review Methodology

The Analysis

We offer 4 types of analysis on observed behaviours.

By the Subjects Themselves

Uniquely, we get our “Thinkers” to review and analyse their own actions

By our Experts

We get our Qualitative Research experts to analyse and place meaning on what they observe

By our Machines

We run everything we have through our unique pattern libraries to unlock, group and identify observed as well as spoken behaviours

By Consumer Peers

Uniquely, we can ask like-for-like consumers to review and compare what they observe to their own behaviours, to gain an additional level of insight

The Deliverables

With every project we do, you get:

Actionable advice

What we’d do if we were in your shoes, based on what we’ve seen

Qualitative Report

If requested, a qualitative report on the findings, insights and meanings

Playlists Highlight Reels

If requested, themed playlists and professionally created story-telling reels to bring home the truths uncovered to internal and external stakeholders.

On-site Presentations

If requested, on-site presentations and workshops of the findings, insights and meanings

All the Footage

The entire library of videos collected - indexed and human transcribed

Ways in which we can help you

We constantly strive to seek a better understanding of:

Particular occasions from consumers’ perspectives

How consumers interact with new products, packaging or services

How consumers shop a category across different channels

Consumer tensions during a usage occasion

What needs to do done to make your products more relevant to consumers

How the product experience can be optimised

"Watch Me Think has been really critical in bringing consumers to life in our business as part of our wider consumer closeness programme [...] The impact has been huge, particularly to our business planning process."

Vanda Noakes Head of Global Strategic Insights

"The workshop [where each participant reviewed a set of consumer videos] landed very, very well with everybody in the room [...] And because they’d all been so involved [...] they actually felt an emotional attachment to these target audiences. Which was music to my ears as a business partner.”

Katie Scott CMI Business Partner

If you would like to speak to some of our clients, then just ask.

There’re a good few who’d be prepared to give you references and talk about why they continue work with us.

Watch Me Think is Thinkin' about ...

Free Video Management Platform

Truths observed in videos can be hard to mine and hard to manage. But our video management platform cracks open what’s inside videos so that you can investigate insights at any point within any transcribed video.

What before would take you hours to sift through, mark-up, send to a video editor... and then wait... and wait... can now take minutes

Easily find the evidence you need

Select, clip out, collate, compile and share with external agencies

Invite your colleagues to collaborate with you on creating shareable playlists for certain behaviours, triggers, barriers, enablers etc

Non-verbal actions are also transcribed

Emotional analysis, meaning analysis, image recognition - it’s all there


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