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Watch Me Think is a global behavioural research agency, championing the truths revealed through consumer-made videos.

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Create compelling, cut-through Market Research

Brexit. Trump. Both are examples of market research icebergs: what people say they will do vs what they actually do. There is a need to avoid peer-pressured and post-rationalised feedback. To access System 1 thinking. The automatic. The emotional. The subconscious.

How? Through the methodology of consumer-made, in-the-moment videos. Real people in the real place of use. Delivered in a package that helps you communicate it creatively, engagingly, widely; through the film itself, the qual analysis that backs it up, and the video insights platform it sits on.

Bringing to Life

Uncover category growth drivers, the barriers and triggers. Use it for proposed category or store layouts and new product sell ins. Magic-dust for retailer presentations.

Discover Real Consumer Journeys

Bring the real, uninhibited consumer into Innovation kick off meetings, for consumer connects, or white space discoveries.

New Product Testing

Find what’s really working, what isn’t. Conduct real-life A vs. B tests. We can take your services and brands into the heart of people’s homes: how they are really used, perceived, stored...

Energizing Segments

For consumers or strategies. Commission day-in-the-life projects. Breathe life into a segmentation study with what is seen rather than just what is told.

Digital Consumer Immersion

Use your consumers to connect with your consumers. The desire to use real consumers on consumer facing platforms has seen our content used on multiple consumer facing sites.

Danone used us to give critical insight into the nature of the UK consumer across a global business.

GSK used us to create enduring and memorable segmentations. People; not pie charts.

Ad-hoc Projects

Need something special? Something fast?

  • An end-to-end push-button, on-a-plate service.
  • Give us the brief, and within 7-14 days the results are in front of you.
  • Curated, visually and verbally transcribed by humans, translated, and analysed.
  • All open and accessible to our advanced video insights engine.
  • Get an expert qual report in less than 14 days more.
  • Have us present it for you.

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Syndicated Subscriptions

Need a stream of cost-effective consumer connectedness?

  • A simple, systematic approach to making consumer centricity a reality (and not just buzzwords).
  • Connect with the consumer without the 10x cost of commissioning the research uniquely.
  • Crafted “content shots” help you to disseminate the findings
  • Credits to ask questions and delve deeper into any topic
  • 3 titles available: Consumer Closeness ToolBox; Watch Britain Think; Packaging

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Watch Me Think is Thinkin' about...

What we give you is different

Quality videos

No throwaways. No half-hearteds. No it’ll-do’s. We coach our Thinkers to create high quality footage that captures actual behaviour and surrounding context (no more floating heads talking into a camera, huzzah!)

No Mannequin Monologues

Not just talking-heads. The self-made videos capture conversations and dialogues. Actions and interactions. Accidents and upsets. The unexpected and the unintended.

Mining & Farming

We mine for truth and originality. We sow the seeds of ideas, cultivating serendipity and chance. In all, we use less questions to get you more answers.

Time. Place. Occasion.

The toast may burn. The child may throw the toys. The parrot may land on their head. It’s all happened. This is real, authentic in-the-moment filming.

Everywhere. Anywhere. Quickly.

You can have all 3. Sheds, bedrooms, closets and showers? Tick. Nigeria, Saudi, Chile, Indonesia? Tick. 7-14 day turnaround? Oh go on then.

Wafer thin intrusion

Peers in focus groups. Camera crews in shops. You in front rooms… All observed behaviour changes behaviour. We bring that down to an absolute minimum wafer thin intrusion.

Feet-up Projects

Relax. Sit back. We do it all for you. Recruit. Collect. Collate. Curate. QC. Transcribe. Translate. Analyse. Delivering to you a set of polished, final films.

Dig Deeper

The magic is in the natural and in-the-moment environments that we ask people to film themselves in. But there are always options to go back to most respondents if you need to follow the scent of an insight.

In all, we give you...

Toe-dippingly brilliant insights into consumers’ lives. Immersive baths in the environment of real use. And presumption cleansing showers of often accidental illuminations.

Video Insights Platform included for free

Every project gets you access to our knock-your-socks-off Video Insights platform. Gratis.
Add external vids for analysis if you need to seek out a more holistic and compelling picture.

Emotional analysis

Of words. Of faces. Are people positive or negative in what they are talking about? Are they happy or angry (beta)? Catching complex phrases such as “it doesn’t taste sweet” as a negative - when most of the rest - even if good - may only see it as a positive “tastes sweet”.

Meaning analysis

Two words spelt the same can mean entirely different things. How orange can be a colour and a flavour. How meaning can change in context. We not only do we differentiate, we group into filterable categories such as taste, packaging, awareness etc.

Look inside the videos

Image recognition that looks inside videos is now available in the platform.

Clip out what you need

Select, extract and save snippets from any video. Simply. Tested & proven by 9-year-olds.

Smart, intelligent search technology

The only video insights platform specially tuned to FMCG/CPG brands and idioms. Think Surf and surf. Mars and Mars. How Gruyere is a cheese and a town. Get more meaningful results. Less fluff.

Personal Searches

We can even integrate your own words, project codes and references into the search engine for your exclusive or company-wide use.

Share & Use very, very easily

Share with colleagues or externally through secure, time-limited links - passwords not required. ALL videos, transcripts and audio can easily be downloaded with or without subtitles and used in presentations.

Create Project Playlists

Clip to playlists then open them up to your colleagues for collaborative efforts in building consumer portraits and stories.

Analyse your videos for free

You can now give our Video Insights Platform a test run - free of charge.

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