“If you want to see how a tiger hunts, go to the jungle. Not the zoo.”

We believe that self-made videos from real people, in real life situations, from around the world, can ...

Open eyes

People get videos. And we are the experts in getting them to you.

There’s no substitute and no argument to something that can be seen with their own eyes, of their own customers authentically demonstrating and validating what all your graphs and stats are trying to say.

Open minds

We can see into the kitchens, bathrooms, gardens of folks in more than 40 countries.

Tap into this vast potential for new thoughts and ideas. Let your customers bring you fresh, often accidental insights into the actions and decisions they make and do.

Open doors

Authentic videos present genuine opportunities to hone and improve products, packaging and marketing.

Show your peers potential areas of growth. Show how products can be honed. Improved. Taken to the next level. It’s all there at the touch of a (play) button.

We work with almost all of the world's top FMCG companies.

‘The individual films were fascinating and the edited film was a great showcase which really helped us to get the retailers behind the NPD’

‘A "real" view of what consumers think of the product is a million times more impact and influence than a brand manager standing up and just telling an audience. The short, snappy films are a great way of getting a message across when you only have a short amount of time'

‘It's a fantastic way of bringing the story to life.’

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