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Packaging: From on shelf stand out to disposal, witness the life stages of your product

By observing real consumer behaviour

  • Put the end user at the centre of packaging design
  • Hear and see people's reactions to pack design, graphics and claims
  • See how people use packaging over time to make fully informed decisions, instead of relying on single-moment evaluations
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Yes Packaging life stages
Yes Packaging functionality testing
Yes Graphics and claims testing
Yes Usability testing
Yes Current packaging use cases for NPD and innovation
Yes Packaging / concept fit testing

“I have always been so pleased with Watch Me Think's attention to detail, timely and informative responses, as well as their continued ability to deliver actionable insights. My team have been very pleased with the insights this methodology has been able to capture and the ‘wow’ moments that we as a team wouldn’t have known about or seen without the ability of being able to see our consumers using and experiencing our products in their own homes.”

Kelly Millen Hair Care Technical Insight Specialist

A highly experienced research team

Our seasoned research team have come from senior roles in companies such as Unilever, Pepsi, Mondelez, P&G, Dyson and Campbell Arnott’s. They have the triple benefit of experience in client side shoes, the brains to help shape your briefs, and the expertise to give business recommendations.

Consultative research partners

Sure. We’re quality analytical folk. But we’re also consultative. We work in partnership with you and take the time to understand your business, objectives and challenges. That all helps us to do our job well, so you can do yours even better.

We deliver the brief. And an opinion

No antihistamines required. All deliverables are dust, fluff and fur-ball free. We believe in “If-It-Were-Our-Money” recommendations that consider both the business and research objectives.

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