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Marketing: Hear and see your target audience in their world so you can speak in their language

  • Base your strategy on actual consumer behaviour, rather than claimed, retrospective accounts
  • Develop new brand opportunities by observing and understanding unmet consumer needs
  • Create marketing content rooted in reality by getting an unfiltered view of your consumers using your brand in-situ
  • Understand your real competition through a consumer lens, by observing the occasion in which you want to play
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Where we can help cheatsheet

Yes 7P analysis – product, place, pack, price, promotion, proposition and purchase intent
Yes How do people shop my brand
No Customer segmentation creation
No Demand spaces creation
Yes Usage occasions and opportunities
Yes Pack testing
Yes Brand restage testing
Yes NPD concept testing
Yes NPD prototype testing
No Brand keys / diamonds / pyramids
No Brand awareness & equity tracking
Yes Product performance vs competitor/s

“We were looking for a research solution that gave an ‘extra’ level of insight to help support the development of a proposition and the all important retailer sell in. Watch Me Think gave us exactly what we needed and really allowed the consumers to interact with the products and consider the proposition over a longer period of time in their own homes and an environment they felt truly relaxed in, ultimately leading to greater insight and feedback.”

Michael Holton Brand Marketing Manager

We deliver the brief. And an opinion

No antihistamines required. All deliverables are dust, fluff and fur-ball free. We believe in “If-It-Were-Our-Money” recommendations that consider both the business and research objectives.

An easy, fast, high-value, low-effort commission

5-second punches of illumination; argument-winning highlight reels; 1-page exec summaries; full qual reports. We’ll even come and present the findings for you, should you wish. Nothing is spared to make this an easy, fast, high-value, low-effort commission. Projects can be completed in <14 days in >40 countries.

We’ve been doing this since 2011

We’ve been doing video ethnography since 2011. For us that means we’re officially getting old. But for you? For you it means you can get on with the million and one other things needing your attention. Maybe even have time to make a cup of tea. All in the knowledge that we have it in hand and will deliver quality research on time.

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