Category Management Show leadership and vision

Grow the category through understanding genuine shopper and consumer behaviour.

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If-It-Were-Our-Money recommendations that you can trust and act upon

Be the category expert and provide the ‘why’s behind your continuous data.

Explore the category through the eyes of your consumers to help shape the vision and drivers that grow the category, as well as your brands.

Make clear recommendations to your retail partners based on the actual behaviour of their shoppers.

Create engaging and truthful category stories using consumer-made footage.

Cheat sheet checklist: Where we can help

No Decision hierarchies
Yes Barriers and triggers
Yes Category definition / funnel / scope
Yes Understanding the impact of changes in-store and online
Yes Category drivers (to achieve category vision)
Yes How the shopper shops my category
Yes New product performance
Yes NPD concept testing
No Online taxonomy
Yes Category stories for NPD
Yes Shopper journey / path to purchase for category

“Working with WMT allows us to truly bring the consumer voice into the business. With insightful value added analysis, the consumer voice is made front and centre of senior decision making.”

Iain Amos
Senior Insight Manager,

What we do…

Watch Me Explore

Identify new innovation opportunities for products or services that will solve a genuine problem, by letting people show you what motivates and frustrates them.

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Watch Me Develop

Ensure concepts and prototypes are right before scaling up. And save time, money and iterations, by refining your concepts and testing your prototypes in-situ.

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Watch Me Use

See what’s working and what needs to be improved. By testing your products in-context and seeing how people use it, talk about it, discover it and look for it.

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Watch Me Shop

Identify shopper-led growth opportunities, or see the competitive landscape from a shopper perspective, by observing authentic in-store and online behaviour.

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We help you improve your products and find new growth opportunities. And we do so by distilling in-the-moment behaviours with video ethnography, all around the world.

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