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Shopper insights: Identify tensions, workarounds and untapped potential for your brand

By observing actual shopper behaviour

  • Watch how people shop across different channels, both in-store and online, without interrupting their natural behaviour
  • Uncover the whole shopping mission by seeing people pre, during and post-shop
  • Hear and see where shoppers would expect to find a new product concept and why, rather than rely on the retailer to tell you where to place NPD
  • See the shopping environment through the eyes of the shopper and understand what isn't working and why
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Yes How the shopper shops in a particular channel
Yes Shopper missions by channel and category
Yes Understand the impact of changes in-store and online
Yes Big themes / trends and how these affect shopping
No Shopping of the future
Yes Global learnings
Yes Shopper journey / path to purchase
No Decision hierarchies

“Working with WMT allows us to truly bring the consumer voice into the business. With insightful value added analysis, the consumer voice is made front and centre of senior decision making”

Iain Amos Senior Insight ManagerTwinings

We deliver the brief. And an opinion

No antihistamines required. All deliverables are dust, fluff and fur-ball free. We believe in “If-It-Were-Our-Money” recommendations that consider both the business and research objectives.

An easy, fast, high-value, low-effort commission

5-second punches of illumination; argument-winning highlight reels; 1-page exec summaries; full qual reports. We’ll even come and present the findings for you, should you wish. Nothing is spared to make this an easy, fast, high-value, low-effort commission. Projects can be completed in <14 days in >40 countries.

We’ve been doing this since 2011

We’ve been doing video ethnography since 2011. For us that means we’re officially getting old. But for you? For you it means you can get on with the million and one other things needing your attention. Maybe even have time to make a cup of tea. All in the knowledge that we have it in hand and will deliver quality research on time.

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