Sensory & Consumer Science Design better product solutions

Make decisions based on real life, in-situ behaviours. And back the ideas that are exciting to consumers.

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If-It-Were-Our-Money recommendations that you can trust and act upon

Observe how people store, prepare, consume and dispose of a product in their own environment and understand the overall experience.

Put early prototypes in the hands of consumers and use their natural behaviours to narrow your focus, rather than rely on internal hunches.

Watch people interact with and talk about your product, and use their voice to guide the product concept fit.

Cheat sheet checklist: Where we can help

Yes White space identification
Yes Current behavior and empathy building
Yes Prototype testing
Yes Product / concept fit
Yes Product design
Yes Post launch product review
Yes In home use testing
No Drivers of liking
No Descriptive analysis
No Quantitative validation

“I have always been so pleased with Watch Me Think’s attention to detail, timely and informative responses, as well as their continued ability to deliver actionable insights. My team have been very pleased with the insights this methodology has been able to capture and the ‘wow’ moments that we as an R&D team wouldn’t have known about or seen without seeing our consumers using our products in their own homes.”

What we do…

Watch Me Explore

Identify new innovation opportunities for products or services that will solve a genuine problem, by letting people show you what motivates and frustrates them.

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Watch Me Develop

Ensure concepts and prototypes are right before scaling up. And save time, money and iterations, by refining your concepts and testing your prototypes in-situ.

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Watch Me Use

See what’s working and what needs to be improved. By testing your products in-context and seeing how people use it, talk about it, discover it and look for it.

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Watch Me Shop

Identify shopper-led growth opportunities, or see the competitive landscape from a shopper perspective, by observing authentic in-store and online behaviour.

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