What we do

Test a concept or prototype in context

Launch more consumer centric products by testing your concepts or prototypes in the real world and see authentic, in the moment reactions.

Using a refillable soap bottle
  • Find out which products, concepts or names people love and why
  • See people’s behaviours as they use your prototype/s for the first time
  • Understand when people use it, how they use it, how much they use, if they use it with anything else and why
  • Get feedback after people have used your prototype for a period of time

“I have always been so pleased with Watch Me Think's attention to detail, timely and informative responses, as well as their continued ability to deliver actionable insights. My team have been very pleased with the insights this methodology has been able to capture and the ‘wow’ moments that we as an R&D team wouldn’t have known about or seen without the ability of being able to see our consumers using and experiencing our products in their own homes.”

Kelly Millen Hair Care Technical Insight Specialist

How it works


We’ll have a chat to understand more about your business, your needs and your objectives. What’s the mood of the team? How will the outputs be socialised? What hypotheses do you have going into this? Is this at the beginning, middle or end of the project?

Talking through those types of questions means that we can deliver the research in a way that will have the most impact for you and your businesses.

Project set up

Next, we’ll work together on the recruitment spec and video task/s. We can recruit Thinkers (participants) in almost any country based on your key criteria. Each video has a maximum of 10 questions.

If you’re testing a product or concept, we’ll also agree on the best way to ship them. Including blind packing, allergen labelling and GDPR compliancing.


After we’ve recruited and briefed the Thinkers, they'll use their phones to record their videos at the time, in the place and with the people they would normally be with. We’ll manage their participation, QC all inputs and human-transcribe their videos.

Uncovering the ‘so what’ and ‘now what’

Once all the videos and transcriptions are in, it’s time for your qual researcher to start watching and analysing the videos. They’ll build a qualitative findings report and give you the ‘so what’, ‘now what’ and clear business recommendations.

They’ll keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

Socialising the findings

The key findings are brought to life with highlight reels from the ‘best bits’ of the raw videos, so that you can communicate them effectively and efficiently around your company or division.

You and an unlimited number of the team also get access to all of the raw footage in the secure Watch Me Think web application, from where you can search, clip and share the videos to your heart’s content.

Chat with a researcher


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